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We are fortunate to live in a society where there is a big diversity which allows non-native families to enjoy reading with their boys. However many of these families are not able to find a book which disables them to enjoy and encourage their children.  Coming from a non-native family I can relate to this personally.  While trying to find a book for myself and for my young cousin, I discovered these 5 ways to do it;

#1:  Make a list;

start a list to write down interests. If you know a specific book you like to read, write the name on the list.

#2: Research;

Online bookstores sell variety of books and some of them may operate from your own country. Try to find a bookstore that sells books in your language. Search your interest and obtain name of books you like.

#3:  Call your Embassy;

if you’re trying to locate informational books about your country, call up your Embassy. Most of them mail free brochures and information that you can read with your son when called and requested. This will be a good way to encourage reading and teach history.

#3: Use community;

Use your community to find books. Talk to friend who are in your community, discuss the type of books you like and see if they have them. Talk to community leaders in your local community or religious centers. Many of these places have a library where they keep books in native language. Also many community centers have native language classes on weekends where they teach young boys and girls’ culture, reading and writing in own language. Talk to those teachers and see if they have might have book you may like to read.

#4: Ask a friend to bring one for you;

if you can’t locate the book you want, or if it may be too expensive to order it from online ask a friends and community leaders who are traveling to your country to bring you back one. Give them the name of the book and the costs. Most likely no one will say no to bring back a light book.

#5: Share the cost and donate;

if you cannot find someone to bring you back a book and if it’s too expensive to buy it, share the cost with a friend or community center. Talk to your community leader and offer paying the half of the cost and donating the book to them after you’re done.

           I use these steps many times in my life to find a book for myself and for my cousins. I hope it’s helpful to everyone out there trying to encourage reading to our young boys. Please feel free to give advice, opinions or questions.

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