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Hi, I’m visiting from MBC!



awesome video!! really informative and quick, just like a magazine! :)



you did not tell me what magazines you carry in your library. I get a lot of girls magazines but in the boy catagory I get SI and 2 science ones (which are not that popular) I have also picked up Boys Life which I do see them reading a little. My class is all African American and I want to get some more magazines that reflect their culture. Most of my girls magazines come from home. I am not sure if they make a teen Ebony or something similar. That is my goal for this summer. Guess what? I LOVE magazines too! Aimee

PS Boy those boys are hard on magazines!


Location: Nelson, New Zealand
Position: Librarian

I work in an intermediate school in New Zealand (ages 10 – 13 ) and carry several magazines for both girl and boy readers.   I just love the comment you made Mike where boys think of themselves as ‘  Readers ‘  even if it is just magazines that they read.

We have several students that fit into that category too.

Awesome Video.  Please make more on your tips of Getting Boys to Read.

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