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One of the best ways to get someone to do something they don’t want to, is to involve something they do like. And one thing that adolescent boys do generally enjoy, is teenage girls. I am not trying to promote underage relationships or distraction from the educational process, but rather to involve communication between the two in a controlled environment to minimize the gains that can come from reading for boys.

Benefits of Reading for Teenage boys

As detailed in this post, verbal reading and following along improves the reading process for males, as detailed in this post. Connecting the words with both sight and sound will cause better word retention. This means that not only will your student have better retention of information on the war of 1812, but also of vocabulary, syntax and sentence structure and literary devices.

How to Set This Up

Naturally with any experiment in the classroom, a well planned lesson plan will be your best friend but there are some key ideas and suggestions to create a cooperative lesson surrounding content with the combination of males and females. You’ll want to make sure that both males and females take turns reading and listening and are both reading along, this ensures that as many senses are being used as possible to gain information. You may also want to take some time to divide up your class knowing its connections and different student’s normal behavior in group activities. Also, make sure an assignment is provided to test knowledge that caters to the abilities and provides choices for assessment using different learning styles.

Extra! Extra!

This can even be set up with minimal effort as an extra credit out of classroom assignment if you do not feel up to the task of supervision with your group. Couples may like this idea, and should be encouraged to work together. Having help from a peer who is close to them may make the activity more pleasant and remove some stigma from reading.

Another Reading Assignment for Writing Comp Class…

Not so! There is material to be read on every subject and can be included into other subjects, human  studies, history, science, etc. And these are some subjects boys feel more comfortable in anyways! Keep in mind some tips found here for subject matter for boys.

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