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This is a study I read it the last Year I hope this website can do more:

Americans are reading less – teens and young adults read less often and for shorter amounts of time compared with other age groups and with Americans of previous years.

* Less than one-third of 13-year-old are daily readers, a 14 percent decline from 20 years earlier. Among 17-year-old, the percentage of non-readers doubled over a 20-year period, from nine percent in 1984 to 19 percent in 2004.

* On average, Americans ages 15 to 24 spend almost two hours a day watching TV, and only seven minutes of their daily leisure time on reading.

Americans are reading less well – reading scores continue to worsen, especially among teenagers and young males. By contrast, the average reading score of 9-year-old has improved.

* Reading scores for 12th-grade readers fell significantly from 1992 to 2005, with the sharpest declines among lower-level readers.

* 2005 reading scores for male 12th-graders are 13 points lower than for female 12th-graders, and that gender gap has widened since 1992.

* Reading scores for American adults of almost all education levels have deteriorated, notably among the best-educated groups. From 1992 to 2003, the percentage of adults with graduate school experience who were rated proficient in prose reading dropped by 10 points, a 20 percent rate of decline.



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Other than TV, did the study indicate other reasons why Americans are reading less?



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These findings do not surprise me at all. I always say to my family imagine life without television? I once watched a special where the homes where made to go without television for a week. The families spent more quality time together, spent more time reading.. it was pretty informative. I compare it to a camping trip in a way. You don’t have all the distractions of the world and media.

Another reason I think the reading is going down is due to the fast paced lives we are living now. By the time we settle down after school, work, sports there is little time left for reading.


Thanks, Debby



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I’m sure if many Americans can view this site, this will help them a lot. They can get many tips from here. I hope this problem can be solve. Not only addressed to the Americans but to those people who has less time for reading.



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I think this issue not only concerns with Americans,but to all races as well. There are lots of activities that draws us away from reading. Media in many forms is one of the main factors that many kids spend their time off.

Since stories from books are converted into motion picture, most kids just prefer to watch the movie than reading the story in paperback.

One thing to help this problem is to promote to kids and to their parents as well that reading is a must do not only in school but also at home.



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Thanks every one; I hope this will help a lot of people finding the way to start read because now reading is not only informative as Debby said but it is also entertaining !



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I couldn’t agree more, Debby. We try to spend more quality time with each other on weekends. My kids and I discuss school life, their friends, questions that bother them, etc. We avoid the malls as much as possible.

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