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Our little boys cannot develop their best way of behaving with reference to polite standards unless they have been provided with proper need. Adults must look for them and provide the proper needs they need.

They also need a good environment to learn on where they could explore and obtain experience. The classroom is not the only place for them to gain knowledge. Little boys are naturally aggressive and very curious. Whatever they think, they try it, they explore it and they investigate. By this, they discover the answers to their questions.

Giving them materials and activities to avoid their frustration and strengthen their self-esteem. Their curiosity will enhance their knowledge and experience. Avoid telling the best way to do. Let them discover for themselves. Not unless they are doing things that could harm them and others.

Encouraging them to home activities that is somewhat playful and fun or giving them pets or plants to care. Through this, little boys will learn the value of showing, caring and helping.

Always prohibiting them to do many things will cause them frustrations and could s them to explore or learn that could lower their self-esteem.

Welcoming boy’s help and assisting them to show their abilities and appreciating their effort will have a good help to their developmental level. Soon they will tend to help you and appreciate you for your support. Having this will make them a good role model for themselves or for others as well.

Parents are the most important role model for the children. Children tend to do what their parents do more often that what they say. Little boys love to watch and do what their parents do. The way you talk to them, helping them in times that they will seek your help is a powerful tool on how your children will learn and behave. And it is a best reward for parents that could be proud of.

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