Have you heard the saying “Everyone has a story to tell”? Maybe the stories boys tell their friends are not exactly biography-worthy, but each story has a small part in helping them relate to each other.

Learning about other people’s real life experiences can help boys learn more about themselves and the world in which they live. Many amazing tales of achievement, challenge, success and hardship are told through biographies and autobiographies. Reading them can help boys discover unique qualities about themselves and possibly amazing tales of their own.

How Biographies Can Appeal to Boys

Since boys typically favor non-fiction, the ‘true story’ aspect of biographies and autobiographies appeals to their desire for hands-on, adventurous, life-related topics. Life stories of people who have succeeded or overcome challenges can interest boys and help them identify with characters they see as strong and in the control.

The subjects of biographies and autobiographies vary widely – from  historical figures like Nelson Mandela to sports stars like Eli Manning to ordinary people who have led extraordinary lives like Rosa Parks. Although many boys may like sports, the biography does not need to be about a star athlete for them to be interested.

Opportunity for Self-Discovery

Autobiographies provide the opportunity for boys to learn about themselves and others through true life stories. Reading about the unique lives of real people can help boys start to recognize unique qualities in themselves and help them develop confidence in their own uniqueness. Learning about people from different backgrounds or cultures can also help boys relate to their differences on an emotional level and accept them.

Biographies help introduce boys to lives and experiences they may not have known existed.  With their more personal tone and exploration, autobiographies can be a powerful self-awareness tools for boys. The challenges and triumphs of others can help boys identify real life role models and discover more about their own qualities and emotions through the stories.

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