As far as I know, Michael Gurian is THE MOST FAMOUS author about the differences between Boys and Girls! He gets paid big bucks to travel the world and teach people what he knows. A few hundred educators and I had the privilege to attend his workshop, compliments of our school district. (Thanks Jeffco).

This book is pretty heavy reading as it is stocked full of wonderfully brilliant information about the difference between boys and girls. It’s great for any parent or educator that would like to understand gender based learning differences.


  • The Corpus Callosum is a bundle of nerves connecting the left and right hemisphere. Females are 20% larger. Females also have better developed Frontal & Occipital Lobes.
  • Female brains are wired for language
  • Females take in more sensory data & are better at controlling impulsive behavior. They also rely heavily on verbal communication.  Males are more non-verbal.
  • There are huge ramifications in atmosphere – both at home and in the classroom, many of which rely heavily on talk, conversation, and words.
  • PHYSICAL Differences: Male brains are more developed in the right hemisphere: spatial-mechanical (mechanical design, objects, geography, map reading)
  • CHEMICAL Differences: Male brain secretes less Serotonin: resulting in fidgetiness and impulsiveness. Females produce more Oxytocin activity – the chemical in the brain related to empathy
  • HORMONAL Differences: Males are dominated by Testosterone (aggression / sex drive). Females are dominated by Progesterone (bonding)
  • Boys hear less and require more stimulants – resulting in fidgeting and boredom. Adults can perceive it as being rude, impulsive, or out of control.

3 Suggestions:

  1. Be patient
  2. Encourage movement
  3. Encourage graphical / storyboard

Questions to Comment on:

  1. What are your thoughts about brain differences between boys and girls?
  2. Michael Gurian addresses the need for movement for boys to have movement. What are some examples of things that teachers and parents can do to encourage more movement with boys?

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  • Jackie Burhans

    My son just finished a course in Symmetry 101; teaching different types of symmetry. While he has great language skills and great math skills, this class included using clay to create symmetrical items and his creativity just exploded! He needed extra space for all of the items he created which aside from the skulls everyone did, including Greek temples complete with braziers, and various forms of weaponry that displayed rotational, bilateral and I’m sure several other types of symmetry. Not sure its JUST a boy thing (the class was half boys, half girls) but adding a physical, artistic component to this math class was a BIG HIT!!!!

    Think of it as silly putty writ large :-)


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