It is a commonly accepted fact that most boys prefer to read nonfiction. This was especially true for me growing up, but I didn’t even realize it.

This book ranks up there as one of my favorites in regards to boys and reading. It is specifically tailored for teachers and librarians. The author, Stephanie Harvey, was a teacher and librarian in the same district that I am in. She is now a well-known and highly respected author.


  • The best non-fiction writing occurs when the writer: knows, cares, & wonders about the subject.
  • Authentic Research is critical. When boys are forced to research topics that are not of interest to them, they disengage.
  • Inquiry! Inquiry! Inquiry! (see p.5-6 & most of book). The concept of inquiry-based learning is discussed throughout the entire book. Inquiry-based learning where teachers and parents tap into topics that are of interest to the child.
  • Honor passion (and model yours)
  • How teachers can build a community of learner. 
  • Help kids wonder. Tap their background knowledge
  • Value & celebrate student questions
  • Emersion stimulates thinking
  • Role model – let them see your thought process
  • 80% of student writing should be self selected
  • Classroom should be covered w/ NF
  • P.44-49: huge list of resources to support NF Inquiry
  • Primary research (ch.9)
  • Organizing Thinking (ch.10)
  • There are tons of examples throughout this book!

Questions to Discuss:

What are examples of non fiction topics that appeal to boys? Include the age level.

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