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Location: Colorado, United States

Position: Classroom Teacher

While going through the teaching program in college, there was an incredible amount of time teaching us how to get kids to sit down, be quiet, and do their work. Now I find that I spend a lot of time trying to find ways to let my kids move while still learning.

It’s been my goal this year to find ways to get boys in action in order to learn through their experiences. Last week, my students were being Michaelangelo (laying on their backs drawing pictures on the bottom side of their desks in order to get a feel of what it is like to paint the Sistine Chapel). I’ve found that silly putty and squishy balls can be a helpful tool for getting boys to get out their energy. I also have a few chairs that tilt in my classroom which the boys are always racing to get to class early so that they can sit in it and be constantly moving during class. Our school also allows for experiential education (I take my Wild Wild West class to Wyoming to see the Territorial Prison and am taking a group to Disneyworld to learn about the Physics of Space Mountain).

All of these things have helped, but I’m always looking for new ways to get my kids up and moving… Any suggestions?



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Have you seen the movie Pay it Forward where the teacher placed his chair in the middle of the class and started with the dialogue with the class. That could be a good way of teaching as well.

A lot of educational trips would certainly help. Or you can just bring your class outside the classroom and under a tree or inside the gym. Whatever works for the chemistry of the class.


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Location: philippines

Position: Classroom Teacher

Field trips could really make them excited to explore new places with their classmates even though they were on that place several times. Through this trips, students could be responsible not only for themselves for the whole group as well.

In our school we have school camps for science and mathematics classes. In fact this coming February 27 through March 1, 2009 will be our 5th School – Based math Camp. All year levels from first year to fourth year can participate. During this 3 days and 2 nights camping at school, students can be able to explore new things with their friends with the subject. They could also meet new friends from other classes or year levels since they will be group in sub- camps. This sub- camp will be their group mates, composed of the different year levels, throughout the activities of the camp. There will be group activities, competitions, social night, and tour.

As of now, my first year students are already excited to experience such school activity.

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