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My name is Habibullah, and I am a teacher by profession.  I am currently teaching Chemistry to GCE O Level students at a local institution in Pakistan. I have recently joined this site, and I am glad that I did.

10 years ago, when I started my career as a teacher, I had a very slight idea of what are the problems related to this field. After some time, I realized that it is the “Boys-and-Books-Distance” which is causing a lot many failures in the academics.

Being determined to solve this problem, I started probing into the causes of this distance. I came across several reasons, but all could be divided into two categories:

 –  Those related to the students

 –  Those related to the teachers

I think it is not only the boys that lack the required interest, but the teachers and educators sometimes ignore this important part also. Going through various sources during my quest, including the web, I found that most of the discussions related to this problem encompass only the students’ side of it, and it is seldom thought that teachers have some liabilities in this regard.

I remember, sometime, somewhere, I came across a saying that “Parents are the wind under the teachers’ wings”. In my opinion, this problem can be solved if parents and the teachers / educators work in collaboration and think of interesting methods to drive traffic to the school libraries and reading rooms.  It is not just a habit that helps academically, but also a method to see life closely.  Several approaches are available. I will present my findings in some other post soon and paste a link to it at this very forum.

I would be glad if you could tell me if I am thinking on the right track. What can be done to instigate the teachers to consider this as their liability to inspire students to read.

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