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Some Suggestions:

I am a teacher. I always used to tell my students that just like the importance of having something to eat three times a days, it is also important to read a text three times in order to remember it correctly. These three times are before coming to class, in the class, and a revision after getting back home.

Three times???

Some students don’t bother reading it once even! How to get them to read the compulsory text, let alone the extra tid bits?  It was my duty as a teacher to bring them to this.  I wondered if it was the students’ fault, or was I missing something?  Then I realized it was both!

I had to fulfill my part at the earliest and utmost.  I started looking into the remedies for this.  I learned that there is no fixed way, yet, several ways, to get boys to read.

First, it is necessary

to find out why the child is away from the blessings of reading.  The reason might be:

  • A learning disability

  • Understanding phonics

  • Inability to sight-read

  • Lack of interest and enjoyment in reading

  • Comprehension problems

Once the problem is identified,

it can be remedied. Here are some suggestions to bring about this change:

  • Know about the likings and dis-likings of your child more thoroughly. As a parent, you may claim to it already, but there might me be something missing.

  • Give the child a chance to choose what to read. I have seen my own daughter, aged 10, go to the school library, select a book, get it issued.  Believe me, on getting home, she will not take her lunch till she has finished reading it.

  • It is commonly emphasized that the reading of the child should be thorough right from the beginning.  Let the child just enjoy the experience in the beginning.  With a little guidance, he will himself realize the importance of in-depth reading.

  • Be ready to listen to, and even discuss with, your child what he has read.  Sometimes, the child gets excited about what he has read, and wants to share it with others.  Do encourage him. Don’t say, “Oh, we will discuss it some other time”.

  • Appreciate whatever your child has learned through reading.  Give good comments and share your knowledge of the relevant ic with him.  That will make him feel important.

  • Look for more methods to catch the attention of the child and bring him to reading.  It has been reported that asking your child to read a specific news from the newspaper has also worked.  Making it a daily routine is even more fruitful.

Simply put, there’s no perfect method or commercial program for teaching struggling readers how to read. Every method or program has flaws. No program is complete, no program is as important as the teacher’s and parents dedication and determination.

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