You watch the boy, bored, pretending to read, sneaking glances at the clock. You know that reading could be a great experience for him.

If you want to get him to enjoy reading, turn to page…

Choose Your Own Adventure books, which were at their height of popularity in the 80s, are interactive stories that allow the reader to direct events throughout the book. No, I’m not taking another trip down memory lane. I knew of these books, but I didn’t read them when I was young (I was seriously focused on the Babysitter’s Club at the time). So when a friend of mine was recently re-captivated by Choose Your Own Adventure books, and he spent weeks reading through every last story again, I had to know what the fuss was about.

What I discovered are interactive, engaging stories that will help boys love reading.

The Choice is Theirs

Although, the scenes are prewritten, the story unfolds with each decision that the readers make. They decide what happens next; if they should go into that cave; or if they should fight the king. Boys will enjoy being in control of the action. The story doesn’t move forward without them. Being able to effect the events in the story will hook even reluctant readers who usually may not have a connection or interest in books.

Stories They Want to Read

One reason we lose boys as readers when they get older is because their interests change and they have a hard time finding books at their level that they want to read. Boys will not feel like they are reading something “girly” with these interesting stories. Fantasy and science fiction story lines about about pirates, time travel, robots, knights and kings – topics they want to read about – are the norm. And the best part? If they don’t like the direction of the story, they can change it! Boys will become characters in the action and feel like they are part of the adventure.


Boys learn a lot about themselves with interactive stories. They may not realize it, but it is one of the aspects they like most; the interaction makes self discovery fun! Through the stories and choices, boys get to experience perspectives of different characters. The stories put them in different situations where boys have to decide how they would react and have to face the consequences for their decisions.

Play it Again

Undeniably, one of the best aspects is starting back at the beginning, changing one decision and witnessing how that choice can change the story’s outcome. Guaranteed, boys who read these books will go back again and again until they have figured out every possible solution.


Resources Online:

Chooseco – Publishers of the Choose Your Own Adventure books

Dunnbar Bound – An interactive adventure aboard a tall ship

A Dog’s Life – An interactive story from Scholastic

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