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My nephew is a first grader who just started out to read words by syllables. One time I brought him in my school for his mother wasn’t there to pick him up for lunch. He is fond with reading sign boards along the way. He tried to read sign board of my schools’ name. And he really read it correctly. I was praising him constantly that’s why he goes on reading with other words in the school premises. I tried to correct him on how to read some words but noticed that each time i corrected him makes him s and do other things already and when i encourage him to read again, he will not listen.

How will we encourage him and correct him the right way then?



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I  think it is the age. I have the same problem with my second grader too. I just let it roll because I have been through this with the other boys. After awhile they just open up and listen and say it the correct way. Maybe it has something todo with reading still being so new to them?


Thanks, Debby



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It’s just maybe they are not yet serious about reading…Just be patient in teaching and try to help them focus on that thing.



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I think you are both right. we have to be patient with this matter. We can’t force the kid to do the things that he don’t want to do at this tender age.



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I agree with Debby, I think you should let it pass for now. Just encourage him and motivate him which is what you are actually doing now. Then when he is ready for corrections, that’s the time you correct him.


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I really like what Chuck said, you should let it go for the moment, after some lesson (at home) he will accept that he is not always right.

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