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HI there,

I am an English teacher in the Philippines. I am doing my best here under very poor conditions, but now I am in a dilemma. I have been asked to help and to teach a boy with autism. Unfortunately I know little about this problem. My speciality is dyslexia. Another big problem here is we don’t have the resources or the finance to help as we would like to, so if anyone can give us advice or guide us to where we can find it and were we can get free materials, books, videos, teaching aids, etc. We would be most grateful.





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Hello sir;

This made me sad; and I hope you find some one to help you in your situation, I just can provide you with some good websites that can help you to learn about Autism & how to deal with it correctly.

This is NOT a problem or a dilemma its just … lets say a challenge for You! and your teaching experience;

Those are the addresses:




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