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Last week we had a debate in class regarding certain issues. They are third year students. I wanted to know their opinion on certain ics and I also wanted to gauge their level of expressing their ideas in straight English.

Here is how it went:

1. I split the class in two groups. FOR(Gp 1) and AGAINST (Gp 2)

2. Wrote down the ic in the board.

3. Let them see a short film strip regarding the ic.

4. Then they wrote down their arguments on a piece of paper. (everyone had to write down their own opinion)

After a couple of minutes writing the arguments it was time for them to voice it out.

5. Group 1 presented their argument for 1 minute.

6. Group 2 had their Rebuttal for 30 seconds.

They have 2 rounds in presenting their arguments and rebuttals. And finally the closing argument for each team.

There were judges to decide who won the debate.

It was an enjoyable session with the kids. I saw them fired up and really wanted to express their opinions.

I hope you guys can use it in your classes as well. And I also ask for suggestions to help me out in improving this activity.


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Location: philippines

Position: Classroom Teacher

This kind of activity is really good for those students who are really hyper and wants to talk even they weren’t called to say their own opinions.

In here, they could excel and their ability to speak in class will be develop. This is one way to express their own opinion for a certain ic presented in class.

this is really enjoyable for them since no team wants to lose without a good fight.



Location: Philippines

Positions: Parent, Classroom Teacher

We really enjoyed that day. I wish we could do it more often but school year is almost over so I’m trying to maximize my discussion of my ics with the kids.

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