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I believe that people should get their boy into reading things that they like. Most boys like super hero’s. It is someone to look up to. They love reading about people getting saved. I know from experience that if you give my nephew something to read about the Hulk, you will never get him away from the book. The other nephew likes comics as well. He changes what he likes weekly though. I think we should encourage our boys to read. I think that comic books are a start. Do you think that they are good for them? Do they help?



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If some boys were reluctant to read they can often be lured into reading comics rather than full books. Parents may say that this as not being “real reading” but it may often serve as a good stepping stone. For example the Art Spielgman’s “Maus” is highly recommended to get around parents balking at comics. It’s the history of the holocaust, told in comic form that won the Pulitzer prize. For less serious reading, most American comic publishers will offer omnibus editions that collect together multiple issues and are near book size.



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hi everyone! I want to share with you some thoughts about comic book reading for boys.i really do think that these kinds of books help to build reading interest in young boys. I’ve also read in some recent studies that young boys would be more responsive to reading materials with incorporated visuals. A friend, who is an advertising graduate, also supports this theory. He had some work related to children’s book illustration. these are good ways on how to encourage boys to read. but in the end, we as parents or guardians must support our boys’ inclination and get them started reading stuff related to their likes or hobbies. sports would most probably one of their  interests.



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Hi every one, I love the title “Comic Books: Do they help?” Does any book help? I remember when I was a scout boy, our trainer used to give us Comic-Books or read it to us, so we grow loving those readings; what I mean that the influence on the kids play a big part in the kid reading manners; if the boy meet who can develop his fiction and his imagination by Comics or other Books he will grew up with the idea of “I LOVE TO READ” or ” Give me a Book to read it NOT to play with it”

This is what I think about Comic Books

See you, Bye & Thank you




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I do believe that reading comic books does help. If you have a child that just fights you tooth and nail when it comes time to read but he will read a comic book..go for it!He is reading!

Being the mom to four boys I have learned a great deal. The more you try to get them to do something the more it may backfire on you. Sit and read the comics with him. Ask him questions about what was just read. Not only will he let you know what he understands and doesn’t but the time spent together will be very rewarding.

When my oldest (now 18) was smaller I read comics with him. I smile now when he talks about the time spent together. And after awhile it was not hard at all to get him to read other things he was interested in.


Thanks, Debby


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What a great forum post samanthajr. Debbie1, I loved what you said: “Sit and read the comics with him. Ask him questions about what was just read.” as a teacher, I have been telling parents the importance of doing that for years and years. As a father of two daughters, I am quite often faced with the task of reading things that is more of interest them and not me. I guess that’s what good parents are supposed to do :-)

And you make a good point, acapulong,  “boys would be more responsive to reading materials with incorporated visuals” yes, there are times of research that shows the importance of visually appealing materials. I know that I prefer things that are colorful and lively looking. That is probably why I prefer to read nonfiction.

Art Spielgman’s “Maus” is also very popular in schools throughout the United States. Graphic novels have really taken off over the last few years.






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yes comic books does really help a lot to young kids to be incline in reading. Because of the visual representation of the stories in comics, the kids, specially the boys can easily grasp the story. These comic books helps the newbies in reading. It is even popular to adults as well.

I myself, started with reading comic books. As far as I can recall, I was in my fourth grade then when my friend ask me to keep his comic book in my bag. He forgot to get back his comics so i brought the book at home with me. I was curious then, so i browse the pages and i ended reading it from cover to cover. that was my first book that i finished! From then on, i was hooked with comics.



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Definitely!!! Comic books are the real first books of readers……..You guys believe in this?

I started reading comic books when I was 8 years old. First are Filipino comic books for kids; Second when I reached highschool I began reading Archie comics.

In Archie books I did learn a lot of new words; I did learn how to deal with some situations even without asking my parents on how to solve this and that.

Comics are a convenient tool in developing a brain on how to read and learn new things. After reading comics you and your friends can talk about it and have a laugh. Some can even portray they are the characters in the comics; they can feel the emotions the comic writers are trying to deliver.



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It is like a stepping stone. They really do help boys to get more inerested in reading. They start to look forward to reading.



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I collected comic books when I was in high school. Although my reading teacher asked me to read a particular book in high school I still preferred reading my comic books. And I would always make sure that they are in MINT condition so as to retain the value of the comic book.

It is a good way to start the kids to love reading. You guys are correct in saying that boys are more visual than girls. I know I was way back when, and I still am.

And you know what, the movie industry is making a lot of money because of their adaptation of comic book stories.

Hooray to comic books!!!


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