Location: Setif, Algeria

Positions: Classroom Teacher Administrator, English Teacher

Grade Level – 5-6

Duration: 2 days

Description: After learning how to add and subtract decimals, the students will listen to a story about money and then write their own story that involves adding and subtracting money.

Objectives: The students will write a story that involves adding and subtracting decimals (money) and then show their math work.

Materials: “Alexander Who Used to be Rich Last Sunday” by Judith Viorst


**** Sixth grade students still enjoy being read to!!!

1. The students will listen as I read “Alexander Who Used to be Rich Last Sunday”.

2. We will discuss the steps that happened in the story to cause Alexander to not be rich anymore.

3. The students will write their own story either about themselves or a made up character that involves the addition and subtraction of money.

4. I will give them an example: I started with $200 that I got for my birthday. I wanted to buy this really cool CD so I did. It cost $15.95. That left me with $184.05. I had to babysit for my neighbor on Tuesday and I made $12. Now I have $196.05.

5. When they are finished they must turn in their story and on a separate sheet of paper, their math work for each step of the problem

Assessment: The students will be assessed on the accuracy of the math work in the story.

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