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Crossing the Reading Barrier with a Cross-Section

We all want our sons to grow up to be well informed young men and one of the best ways to ensure that is through reading; this is easier said than done. With so many things competing for your son’s attention it is likely that a book will gather dust or be used as a door s rather than read. But there are ways to get him reading and learning without force. You simply have to get books that will be of interest to him, again easier said than done. Well, for starters anything with pictures, diagrams and models may well appeal to him as will quick and easy facts. With this in mind, I suggest cross-section books by Stephen Biesty.

What are Cross-Section Books?

        Simply put, the cross-section books take one or many things, and slices into them so that you can see what the inside is like. These cross-section books will often explain how things were built, how the mechanics work, and how the inhabitants lived. Often times many of the pictures are funny, showing men or women sleeping on the job or tripping over ship ropes. The descriptions that go along with the pictures are often brief but very informative. There is often a longer explanation or description for each new cross-section, but they are not overly long and are quick simple reads.

What’s so great about a cross-section book?

As a parent considering purchasing a new book for your son, these books may seem rather a bit dull as they offer only information and no story. But to a boy, these books show him how pirate ships were built, or how engines work. They explain the workings of machines, Star Wars vessels, explosions, and even his body. So although you may think it is lacking because there is no protagonist or plot, your son may soak it and all the fun facts up without even a thought about his video games or the television.

Personally, I really enjoy the books myself, even as a grown woman. My husband started reading them when he was a child and brought them with him when we got married. So even as he approaches fatherhood and his thirties he’s still fascinated by the books and will spend hours pouring over all the detailed pictures and fun facts.

Although these books won’t be perfect for all boys, they are worth giving a shot, especially if you are having a hard time getting your son into books. You can often find them online, used and cheaper than in stores, which is great if you are only interested in trying out one. So enjoy, read, learn and let me know what your son thought and if he is to become a life long fan like my husband.

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