My web site, www.GettingBoysToRead.com, has attracted over 500,000 page views and currently averages about 6,000 unique visitors each month! (despite that it has been inactive for the last 2 years!). Imagine how much more traffic my site will get once my book launches! If / when my Kickstarter campaign succeeds, I will add tons more content and use it as a marketing tool to promote my book. Take advantage of all that traffic and rent space for your own product – your web site, book, company, whatever! Act quickly though, before someone else grabs this great deal. Spot #1 is located in prime real estate – the very top-right corner of my site. For pricing details, and to purchase this reward, visit my Kickstarter campaign and look on the right side, in the Rewards column. Act quickly though – this great opportunity won’t last long! – http://kck.st/HT7H64.

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