A few weeks weeks ago I showed my book to a an author friend. As she looked through it, she stopped, looked up at me, and ask if any of my “Quick Tips” also applied to adult men. I said YES! And when I asked why, she told the story of her 57 year old mentally handicapped brother, Ron. She explained that he wanted to learn how to read the BIBLE, but had never learned how to read. As a fellow Christian, I was moved by Ron’s story. Since all of chapter 4 in my book is dedicated to building relationships, I felt called to reach out to Ron and try to help him. A few days later it hit me. I could send Ron a personalized video; to connect with him and inspire him to read – from one Christian man to another. So, I recorded this inspirational video, sent it with my author friend – I found out yesterday that Ron was so moved by my video that he is super excited to learn how to read! How cool is that!!??!!

So here’s the idea for the next step in my journey with Ron. I’m hoping that you, or someone you know, could make a $1,500 “Gold Sponsor” donation and send me on an Author Visit to a school close to Ron’s home in Iowa. Not only would the donation help launch my book, it would give me a chance to meet Ron face to face and really build our relationship. Your donation could help introduce him to the wonderful world of reading – a world that he has no idea exists.

So what do you think – can you help? –


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