I’m busting at the seems to keep some things secret until my April 8 book launch, but below is a glimpse of what has happened recently.

Thanks to you, and 147 others who donated to my crowdfunding campaign, I’ve been able to get quite a bit done recently. Here’s the LATEST SCOOP:

– I finalized my 110th “Quick Tip”
– The 1st of 3 rounds of editing is done (Thanks Stephanie Pelligrino)
– Famous author, Michael Gurian, wrote an amazing Forward! (This is monumental)
– I hired some technical help and we’re all done editing audio interviews with 12 other famous authors and adding excerpts in the book
– I have about 15 testimonials lined up from a mixture of popular parents, educators, librarians, and misc famous authors
– I signed up for a 3 day marketing workshop in LA with a famous media expert who will teach me, and a very small group, how to share my book on national TV and radio (I’m nervous, but excited).
– I’m about to hire a book designer to prepare the book for printing in a few weeks
– I’m starting to sleep better at night because I’m very close to saying MY BOOK IS DONE!!!! :-)

Thanks again, stay tuned, and please mark your calendar for Tuesday, April 8th.

Until next time…

– Mike

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Mike McQueen
Teacher-Librarian, Author, & Reading Role Model

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