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I have actually been asked this question and my answer is yes. What I do stress is that the programs should in no way replace you reading with your child.

The way I have always looked at it is they are picking up somethng from these educational programs and if I am going to let them watch television then I would rather have them watching something like this.

What are your thoughts?


Thanks, Debby



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I think that is a great point. If they are going to watch television we should let them watch something educational. I agree that they should not replace reading as well.



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i believe that these types of educational shows would light up a spark that would eventually have them yearning for more. this is the right time for us to feed them alternative ways of learning like reading. i also agree that these shows should not be the sole source for fun education for our children. these for me should only be supplements.



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Yes, It will be a great help. They can also learn from this informative shows…Watching it, will just be a start…



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Educational shows supplement learning. The kiddie shows make reading and writing fun. Personally, I learned a lot from Sesame Street when I was in pre-school.



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Educational TV programs YES…. but other cartoons??? NO.

Definitely no to other cartoons; most of it are kind of violence and no sense to watch at all.

On my observation I don’t really like sesame street I rather prefer Barney, Hi-5, Blues Clues and Yo Gaba Gaba… In these shows I just mentioned there are a lot of good moral lessons a kid can pick up. Even a 1 year old can learn to speak, count, dance and relate to other people by watching these shows.

But please don’t make it as a pacifier for your kids. That is a bad habit to develop. Parents can still let their kids watch educational programs but WITH LIMIT.

Parents should still interact with their kids and teach them how to read and explore to other things than letting their kids sit up in front of the TV and not doing any other things.



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I think this can help if it was defined to do that! If the producers try to educate the child with such programs so this is good, but if they are just filling the cartoon with a good colors and a attractive songs without any educational materials (morals and such things) this will be our responsibility to chose the best for our kids;

Thanks Debby!



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I use educational films with my students. Boys are visual and I think my students learn more from watching first then analyzing later. Shows like Sesame Street helped me a lot in learning when I was a kid because of the tune. Another good thing about it is your kid won’t get overloaded with too much information. The show was structured in such a way that kids would play and learn at the same time. Good job Jim Henson!


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Leap frog pushed my kid over the edge from being able to string letter sounds together to eventually figure out a word to actual reading. We got those letter factory, word factory etc. dvd’s from netflix, and you could practically watch him making connections. Prior to that, I would have said tv had very limited use regarding reading. I still think Sesame Street is, but we got some of the old Electric Company dvd’s, and those were somewhat helpful, except that ds found them boring. I loved Reading Rainbow as a kid, but I guess my ds is either not old enough or it’s outlived its usefulness, because even though he loves being read to and reading himself, he thinks it’s boring.

So, I guess my vote comes down to it depends on the program.



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Hello, I like what you said fierce_mink_2000. It’ really intersteting to use some old materials.

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