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And for the teachers, do your students know how to use the card catalogue system in your school library?

When I was in grade school, computer was non-existent. I use the card catalogue when looking for titles. Fast forward to high school and college, I turned to the computer terminal when I need to search for a book.

How’s it like nowadays?



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In our school, we still use the old days method, the card catalogue system in the library.

Students are being oriented on how to use this system at the start of the school year. Anyway, if some of them couldn’t find anything or know how to use the card catalogue, the librarian and the students assistants were there to assist their needs.



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Like Zemlene said we still use the old fashion way at the libraries, we use the card catalog only at the university.



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Thanks for the inputs, Zemlene and Ayoub.



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I have asked my nieces and nephews about that card, and they still use the old method.



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That’s great. Good to know that some schools haven’t automated the catalogue system yet. And if they do, I hope they won’t take out the catalogue system from the library so that kids would know the old system as well.



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I agree with you there Rose. My issue with all of this is its okay to have the computers help. But, if the kids do not learn the “old” way what happens when  the computers go down or break? They are left not knowing how to fall back on anything.


Thanks, Debby



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Wow! All libraries in my area, school, public etc. have all switched to OPAC (online public access catalog) systems over 15 years ago, removing the card catalog systems. I personally think that more students need to learn the catalog systems, ie 800’s are poetry, 900’s geography etc. I see the benefit of teaching students the card systems, if they are still used in their area, if the computer system (if used) goes out, but its not like we are teaching them how to use a slide-rule if the calculator ss working… I think that as technology moves forward at some point it is pointless teaching the old systems, instead of inventing new ones.


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