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As I was sitting here reading my eighteen year old showed up behind me and was reading. We started discussing how I would read with him on the couch with bubby (his blanket). We exchanged a few words and headed off to the kitchen to get a snack.

As a human being I do not think I will be able to look back and say I have changed the world in any great way. But, as a parent I have accomplished something. This eighteen year old is graduating in June. I so miss the days of snuggling with him on the couch! Parents hold on to those moments it goes by way too fast. He is  in the state for CAD. He is headed back out to represent the state again this year in competition and we are so proud of him.

I guess what I am trying to say is some of the days may seem so long when you are trying to get them to cooperate or trying to get them to read or do homework or anything for that matter. But the day will come and you will look and they are grown. Enjoy the time sitting and cuddling up and reading. You will not get the time back but you will see what the effort has brought.


Thanks, Debby





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Ohhhh…yes…I’m not a parent yet,(how I wished I can be a mother soon,I hope you’ll pray for me…) but for sure I’ll take that advice…I’m looking forward to that day to come, when we will enjoy the time sitting and cuddling up and reading bacause I knew that I cannot get the time back when it already happen…



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That was awesome Debby. I hope I could also snuggle like that with my mother but we haven’t have a bonding like that since i am already grown up. I missed that. Well you see, I am already professional and its kind of awkward snuggling like that with my mother in the couch as we had before during my early years. Anyway, my time had passed…maybe i could try that once in time when i could muster some courage to do that. hehe.



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Congratulations Debbie! ^_^ You sure did a great job with your son. I hope him well in his future endeavors. I admire your closeness to him. My brothers (I have two) started to somehow distance themselves a bit from our parents when they started highschool. We are not the closest knitted family in the world but I’m still happy with what they’ve achieved. And I’m sure the pride our parents feel with our achievement is double or even triple… just the way you feel about your son (awww) Parents like you totally ROCK!!!



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Hi Debby,

You know when I was a child, I would watch TV show’s that had parents reading bedtime stories to their children. How I wished it were me that was being read to. I felt that having a parent reading to you was only for special children. I was not one of those special children, as reading was not encouraged in my home growing up. When I became a parent myself, I made sure I read to my children and found my own childhood for the first time. When I would read to my children, I think I enjoyed it as much as they did. I would get right into the story and be very animated when reading… my children loved it! I would fall off the bed, jump around in the room and become the person in the book! How they loved that.

My children are grown now and very successful in their lives and I am very proud of them both. We are not very close now but I have my memories and will cherish them forever because every moment I spent with them reading, we became one! It is nice to hear that parents are still reading to their children and encourage their children to do the same. Teaching our children how important, it is for their future is the key. Our young children need to use their imagination, yes it is a little more work than just turning on a TV switch for them, but how much more fun! Our children are our future and with parents like you, it is comforting to know our future children have a chance!

Thanks Debby, You are an inspiration to new parents and parents who may not have started to read to their children. After all, if we are the example, we need to walk the walk and read the book!

Thanks a bunch Debby :O)

Dottie :O)


God Bless!


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That’s sweet, Debby. It only means that as a parent, you’ve succeeded in raising a child who values learning. A supportive home filled love and guidance helps in raising a well-rounded child.



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You should write a story in the True Stories section about your little big son, because You are a mother and you can teach us so much things; I really love your ics and I8 can’t say a word except THANKS



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I will write in the True Stories section soon. I have four little big guys. :) And I had better say I have the two girls too (my kids read and check my posts and I do not want to be punished!) I am a very blessed parent. All of my children are great readers though we have had our struggles. I almost homeschooled one due to his health issues (cardiac and hirshsprungs disease) but his health has allowed him to be with his peers. That is the little guys picture with the book on the blog I wrote.

At the moment I have three recovering from the flu here so my writing has not been the greatest due to lack of sleep. :)



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I feel what you mean Debby, getting my little kid to cooperate sometimes is so hard a task, but I know that she won’t be like this forever. She wouldn’t want me to carry her and sing her a lullaby when she’s 18. In fact, the past 1 and a half years has gone so fast. It seems just like yesterday when she first said Daddy.


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Thanks again Deb, My students really like this method.

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