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I was watching tv the other night and I saw on the news a ship travelling all over the country selling books at very low prices. They arrived here in Manila last March 5 and will stay here for about a month. Open from 10am-10pm Mondays-Saturdays and Sundays from 2pm -10pm.

The Vice president of the country and the Mayor of Manila formally opened the bookshop to the public yesterday, March 9. It was already the seventh visit of this ship and this is the first time I have heard of it. I will surely try to find time to visit this floating bookshop.

You can check out their web:


Programs like these make my heart smile. It is a good way of bringing knowledge to people who are less fortunate but crave for learning.


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A Floating Bookshop! a great idea and a good way tp spread the knowledge, I love it I hope we see more of those bout over the world. Thanks Chuck for sharing this w/ us.



Location: Philippines

Really chuck? Thanks for the info..I hope I could see the floating bookshop…It’s great that the ship visited our country. That will be very interesting. I’ll tell my friends and family to go there and shop for affordable books.



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I think that is wonderful! What a great idea! I hope the program continues!



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What an adventurous way to get books. I am happy to see that your government is supporting a love of reading. If we had a floating bookshop, I would be there with my kids in a heartbeat.



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This is a new “take” on an old idea–don’t wait for the boys to come to the books, take the books to the boys. The bookmobile with a rudder… Tying books to a boat ride might be a really cool way to get them hooked.

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