Contest for free Boy's Life Magazine In honor of my upcoming article that is getting published in Boys’ Life magazine, I have decided to give away 2 free subscriptions to Boys’ Life Magazine.

Why Boys’ Life Magazine?

If you watch my video called 6 Reasons Why Boys Like Magazines, you will discover that magazines play a critical role in the literary lives of many boys. Boys’ Life magazine has been getting boys to read for over 100 years. They deserve a contest in their honor.

There are 2 ways to win:

1. Post comments to this article.
Ask questions, make statements, give compliments, etc.. As long as your comments relate to the topic of boys and reading, are at least a few sentences in length, and are legitimate, we will add your name to the hat for each post you make. We reserve the right to remove comments that we think stink. This contest is kind of an experiment – the goal is to have fun and give a nice gift away!

2. Be a top 10 recruiter to our cause on Facebook –
One of the top 10 names will be drawn out of a hat. I am exempt.


July 4th, 2009 at 12:00 noon, US Mountain time

Other Info About the Contest:

Check back to this post frequently to see any new information, including any changes to the contest.

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  • kevpeter

    Two of your posts brought back a favorite memory. My travel son had the dreaded biography assignment in fifth grade. Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Edison need not apply! I suggested Woody Guthrie’s autobiographical Bound for Glory and offered to resurrect our old childhood pastime by diamonds reading it aloud. Like Thoreau’s chopped wood warming the wood chopper twice, reading this treasure out loud worked for both of us. I still get shivers remembering when the young man’s shirt comes off in the rainstorm in a jewelry futile effort to keep Woody’s guitar from getting soaked. And my son continues to be a reader of contemporary biographies and memoirs, some 25 years later.earrings

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