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Yes, the title is true and added to those four boys are two girls. We are like the Brady Bunch gone bad. :)

Having boys who I really wanted to be great readers was not the easiest of tasks.It took much time and dedication and the will to not give up some days.

I would watched my now 11 yr. old struggle with reading and it would break my heart. I would help him and he would get frustrated. As a parent there are times you have to let your children struggle a bit even though you are ripped apart inside.

Trips to the library and tons of patience have paid off. All four of my boys are A students and very proud of themselves I might add.

As a parent I knew that if they were not good readers then they would struggle to make it all through life. To work you need to read. To travel you need to read. You need to be able to read and that is that.

Our job as a parent is to be able to raise our childen so that when they go out into the world on their own they are able to survive.I am now much more confident that my children have a fighting chance out there.


Thanks, Debby



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Hello Debby,

Sometimes we need to give the kids a dose of tough love. It’ll be good for them because it builds character. Just as long as we continue our support and guidance, the kids would turn out fine.



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Rose is right, nothing is impossible in this world… Continous love, support, help, understanding and guidance is the key to turn your kids fine…….



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As i noticed with my parents, guidance, love and support will always be available to us, their children even though we are already all grown ups. Parents will always be there for us. They are the one’s who catches us each time we fall.

Your boys Debb will always be grateful with what you have done for them. With all the tough love and tenderness that you show them today makes them a better person that they could ever be in the future.

Good luck and God Bless!



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I would like to thank you all for the wonderful responses. This has been the week from heck! All the kids got the flu and I think I am now an official ZOMBIE!

The youngest of the boys (the little guy on the front page with the book) is a cardiac and hirshprungs child. Quick lesson, being cardiac he has had open heart surgeries. Hirshsprings Disease, he has had 6 inches removed fom his intestines. Not a fun beginning of his life to say the least. Now, when a flu hits the house it usually means a hospital stay which we came very close to againt this past week. All have seemed to fair well..TG.

Tomorrow I think I will actually have them all back to school. We spent the weekend catching up on all the missed homework.

I came on to see what has been happening and I came to this post and read the responses.

I just wanted to thank you all for making me smile. It’s nice knowing there are people out there who care and the teachers here are so genuine with caring for the kids…have a great night all. :)



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Hello there Brady bunch!

I have one daughter (she’s almost 2) and my wife is expecting a baby this coming October. I hope its a boy. I couldn’t imagine how you can handle 4 boys. For me handling 1 kid is hard enough. I pray your youngest be healthy. For parents like us, I guess that’s our ultimate wish for our kids. Health is wealth! My prayers for your family.


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