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Importance of Reading

Reading is an essential part of life both in home, school as well as in work. Numerous studies have shown that children with the habit of reading will do better academically. Because of the importance of reading, lots of efforts are spent by parents or teachers on children to read.

Reading skills in boys

Scientific studies have shown that boys are a little slower in developing reading skills and developing language skills than their opposite sex. However, some studies also show that boys seem to enjoy reading in the early years but in the adolescent years, they begin to lose interest in reading. This should be corrected by the guardians and if not, their teens tend to identify themselves as someone who does not like to read. As a result of this identification which they have developed due to negligence of their guardians, they can become resistant to reading.

Loosing interest in reading

Experts seem to be saying that boys lose interest because of several factors. The primary reason is the matter that we encourage them to read. We generally give them narrative types of books about subjects that are not particularly interesting to their age or their class. Boys also seem to be interested in matter which talks about things they can use or do or that talks about activities that they enjoy.

Observe the activities of your son…

The best way is to know about the activity where he is most active and try to develop the reading habit around that activity. If he loves cartoons then tries to find the books on cartoons and share some time with him along with that book. Teachers should make it competitive between boys in a class by rewarding them for each book that they can show they have read with increasing rewards over a specific period. Most boys prefer to read adventure stories of heroes and villains as well as science fiction, sports, humor and even gross humor generally.

Give me some time dad!!!

Another reason according to the psychological studies is that boys lose interest in reading because they have not sufficient male modeling of reading. Each and every boy is looking to his father or elder brother as his role model. Boys form an impression that libraries are for girls, as most librarians are females generally. When you go to the library or the Saturday markets spend some time with your son in the book section that most interests him and once he has chosen a couple of books, treat him to a special treat to discuss what he has chosen. You should encourage them to talk to you about what they have chosen. Efforts are being made to make reading more appealing to boys by seeing reading as any activity that requires a boy to decode the meaning of the words in way that he comprehends what the book intended to communicate. This can take the form of boy oriented literature, news papers and other types of written material that does not fit in the confines of more traditional literature. As long as this is identified as reading, boys will identify themselves as readers.


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