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Hi All,

Being the mom to four boys I have been through it all with getting them to read. My oldest loved reading from the time he could sound out words.The next one read but he didn’t like it as much. Now the third child DESPISED reading.And it just got better and better!

Everyday I would ask to sit with him and read. The war began! After trying and trying I knew that this was going to be a battle of the minds. I pleaded, begged, threaten to ground him from going with friends..nope! After thinking it over and over again I had come up with an idea. I would pick a ic he was very interested in and off we went to the library. At the time he loved trucks so it was truck time for mom and son. After letting him pick the books I made a “pact” with him that we had to read one page a day together (yes, one page).

This technique made such a difference. The one pact deal lasted one day! After that he wanted more and more pages and we were off and flying.

Now the trips to the library are a couple of times a week with the younger guys. They look forward to taking the “trip” with me. And they cannot wait to get home and check out what the books have to offer.

Sometimes getting our children to want to read just takes different ways of thinking. It would kill me inside to see him so frustrated with the fact that I wanted him to read. That and the fact I was scared to death that he would not learn to read well.

I would love to hear others stories how they got their children to read more.


Thanks, Debby


Mike McQueen

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Dear Debby1,

My heart swelled when you said – “I would pick a ic he was very interested in and off we went to the library.” That is inquiry based learning at its best! Way to go. You are an inspiration.

I also loved this quote from you – “Sometimes getting our children to want to read just takes different ways of thinking.”






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Inasmuch as I want my boys to read books other than comic books and jokes, I’m happy that they read and crave for more comic books. It’s a start I guess. And besides, imposing the ics of my choice would just turn them off. So for now, I let them be and have them read their favorite comic books.



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Juggling several careers, I found it difficult at first to read with my son and daughter. It became easier down the road, I just had to learn to say no to a project on hand and say yes to them. Sitting in that sofa sandwiched by two avid listeners is no longer an interruption for me. It is a priority. It is nature telling me to s and smell the flowers (rather, the s of their heads which whether newly showered on not still smells like heaven!). Because of our constant reading sessions – we are closer, we cherish time that we spend together, we still out-talk each other along with their Dad in sharing important stories through-out the day.

My daughter has started reading on her own now, she’s on her 3rd Nancy Drew Juvenile Edition and I miss the left side of the sandwich although she still sometimes obliges me by reading her book beside us while we read to the younger brother.

In the end, the few minutes everyday that I spend reading with them is the primary factor why she now reads on her own. She has grasped the magic that is reading. That between the pages, there are fantastic people, journeys and adventures, all just waiting for us to discover.

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