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This website’s goal and focus is obvious, getting boys to read. As Kristen’s poststates, boys seem more interested in reading when young and then the desire tappers off. This leads up to the great question of why are we even concerned about getting boys to read?

Why Should Boys Read?

There are many answers to the question posed above, many of which I have been pondering in my current relationship with my boyfriend, a grown up 24 year old boy (and I did mean to say boy). One reason is that I read. He has reading skills and while I am sitting in bed reading, he sometimes wishes he was too, yet can’t seem to get into it. He’s improving in his focus on reading and attention, but really a 150 page book is s for him. But yet I have stories I want him to hear, and end up having to read them to him aloud which takes longer and we have yet to finish Catch 22.

To summarize the above, he states over and over that he wishes he was better at reading, when really he read at a senior level in junior high, just lacks the dedication to follow through when the x-box is so near. Let’s face it, a love for reading
does take time and practice for some. If you haven’t done it in a while, it’s hard to start. Much unlike riding a bike.

Potential Father Figure

I really highlighted just one reason why it is important for a male adult to be ready and willing to read; this need pops up in the work world, in personal finance, in other hobbies and many other areas. But another important area, perhaps more important to some than all the others, is that of a father and role model. Good male readers will hopefully mentor and foster reading in young boys, to create future male adult readers, who can then become role models to their children. You get the cycle I am painting here?

So What Can We Do?

So perhaps you have a boyfriend, husband, big brother, older child, etc. similar to my boyfriend and want to make sure that he can become a good male reading role model for your son or future son. Talk to them about the importance of being a role model, how it will benefit them and the other party. Read books with them that will interest them, which may be different for each person depending on the age level and particular person’s interests. You can either read the same books and discuss, or even do as I and read aloud.
Anyone else have something that they think will help?

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