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Position: older sister

Hi there everyone,

I just found this site..I think it maybe good to help me with my brothers problem to learn how to read and like it.

He is 6 years old.

He loves books but he wont read them.

When he writes his name which is very long he gets all the letters there but in the wrong order.

Is there anyone here who can help me?


keith (not verified)

Hi there dangerouslearner

You ask if anyone can help you to help your brother to read.

Where are you located?

What are his interests?

It is interesting, what you say about him writing his name. It sounds like he could be dyslexic

I would like to help you if I can but first I would like to build up a profile of him to assess how to approach this.




Position: older sister

Hi here keith,

Thanks for the reply.

I don’t know about dyslexic but it would be nice if you could help me with what I need to do to help him.

My brother is a very fast learner,Its easy for him to remember things, He has seen and heared. But He is having a problem with putting it onto paper… especially his name..



keith at ela

Location: England UK and Philippines

Positions: Parent, Classroom Teacher Boy who could not read

Hi there Lovely

I am pleased you have contacted me about your brothers problem. I am going to stick my neck out here, but from the little you have told us so far, I would say there is a strong possibility he is dyslexic.

Read my forum ic about dyslexia. I hope it will help you.





Location: Philippines

There are lots of tips and advice for you in this site. Hope you’ll have a chance to read them.


Anonymous (not verified)

Your right vanessa_cruz0615..

Theres lots of tips that giving me some ideas about my problem with my brother..

And Mr. Keith at ela:

I have been reading your article about dyslexia and it sounds just like him..i would like to know all about it and how i can best help him.

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