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Many parents asked the question, How can I encourage them to enjoy reading?…What will I do to encourage my reluctant reader?

Some says that:

Connect reading with your child’s passion/know their interests.

Parents should introduce series of books/comics/magazines.

Parents should show their child that books are the keys in achieving a desirable skill.

Parents can tell their child a joke, riddle-and pull out the book where they found it.

Parents can spend their time with the kids reading, aside from the bonding moments, it will be a stepping stone for them to get interested on it.

Do you have any other tips for the parents?



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Good tips Vanessa I think will really help if we can keep ON IT for a long time, specially this point : “Parents can spend their time with the kids reading”, I hope you can tell me where did you get those information! is that a study or just your life experience ?

Thanks Vanessa and I like to see more ics like this one.



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I think kids good start with story books with lots of pictures and a short bold story line… parents could first show the pictures and read the story lines with animations like reading it with variety facial expressions, tones and voices. In this matter you will catch the child’s interest to listen. And then you can also let him repeat the words or phrases from the story book.

For Kids, they like to read the same book several times, and over and over again and never get tired. almost everyday, they like to read the same book. Parents should be patient and give in to this kind of request. Let them choose what they like even if you and him already read it a hundred times.



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Hi Vanessa,

  Excellent points you brought up. I also have a few things I do with the boys and the funny thing is I never thought about it until I was doing laundry this morning and my little guy came in the room.

When we are in the house and I am doing things I have them help me. Being one of “those” parents all my children are taught to cook and help with the laundry and housework. They need to be independent when they fly from the nest and it is my job to teach them. If you are a male you can cook and clean too!

As I was doing the laundry my son asked how much detergent to use. My answer: “You read the bottle and you let me know”. When I am baking it is their “job” to read the directions and measure out what is needed.

When out for a car ride I act like I am lost and they have to read the signs and get us home (of course I am acting like we are headed for another country and play the whole nine yards).

I think we teach everyday and many times do not even realize we are doing it.


Thanks, Debby



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Thanks for the replies..And to Ayoub, the tips are from surveys and research as well. I asked my friends and family about the tips. I hope you can add other tips…



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One more thing, if you want to encourage them more, you should keep books like this handy in the car, in the kitchen, at the doctor’s office, on vacation or at the ball park…by then, there’s always a reason for them to read.



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I love your style, Debby!

Whenever I do my groceries, I tag my boys along with me. They see me comparing and reading labels of the products off the shelves. There are times when they’re the ones reading the labels and later, would ask me if their interpretation is correct i.e. is this product better than other, less fat, etc. Not only did they become wise shoppers, the grocery trips also taught them to review different products.



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I would set up a good place for us to read. For me, the ambiance for reading is very crucial. We live in the city and there are a lot of distractions that might discourage kids to read, so I think the very first thing to do is set up a good place that you can call your reading place, just like your own library at home.


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