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I’ve been hosting book clubs for my sons (ages 6, 9 and 12 years old) for 5 years now. They are reluctant/resistant readers, but having a book club helps motivate them to read. Over the years I’ve learned a few “survival” tips.

Survival Tip #1:

I limit the number of boys- to how many can comfortably sit at my table. This eliminates rough housing and elbows when kids sit on couches.

Survival Tip #2:

I always start my book club meeting with an energy activity. It’s fun to play a game (modified to relate to the book) while we wait for all book club members to arrive. It also gets all those wiggles out so we later can have a good discussion.

Survival Tip #3:

I have some kind of incentive game. An activity where I quiz and reward the boys for reading the book. (Most my boys don’t like to read for fun.) This really helps motivate them to finish the book- they know they will be rewarded for it.
It’s wonderful when boys love to read, but if your son needs a bit more motivation, I strongly recommend starting a book club! If you would like to look at my free action-oriented book club outlines, please visit my site at!

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