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   The fast growing world with rapidly occurring changes can swerve anybody’s mind from the task what he supposed to do??But when it comes to the teenage boys  , it becomes more prominent issue to look for as their mind is like an open white lined notebook that can grab any attractive thing or stuff. Whether it’s the 3-D games, movies, new reality shows , or say the the attractive world of sports and Hollywood / Bollywood .

1) what’s lacking through in between??

The matter if fact is everyone got the talent, and comprises of zeal ,zest too . But the modern parents and teachers lacking the act of showing these teenagers the actual path and way .We need to make them understand that all the worldly goods can be achieved through the act of avid reading .Reading books,magazines a habit that will fetch them all what they want in future .This reading books not only cultivate ethics ,culture but will make them link up with the truths of life.

2. how to make them feel the essence of reading?

Now the question how to make them feel and understand this .The best example can be none other than parents and family members .Children learn the most what they see their elders to do ?So an easy way to inspire the boy kids is put them into habit of reading morning newspapers along with parents .And reading novels  ,good story books during bed time can be the best way to end the day.

3. how to make them brought up with best of qualities?

At most of the families it has been seen that’s children mostly boys are concentrated to one field in particular whether its studies or sports .But parents should put a check to the fact that in the family there is a need to have a perfect balance between child’s studies and his other interests, than only he will come up with best of results. Reading books should not be turned into obstacle for the child’s other interests and hobbies.

4. the most indispensable in the regard of making a child with healthy reading habits?

On  of all the biggest point that parents should look for if he wants his child to have healthy reading skills is “how good is the society and locality where he is staying?” Because boys mostly have direct impact of the society when they get exposure to friends outside home to whom they mingle up with. And the environment around his house, all points can play a big role to make boys come up with good reading skills.

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