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How to make your child read


Young children listen better than they read. So read to them before they sleep


Buy them colorful books, as they are appealing to the kids and develop curiosity to know what is in the book. you have achieved the first step to get them there.


Take your kid to the nearby library and let him/her pick up books for himself/herself. this way you will know what kind of books they are attracted to and their interests.


Don’t force any book upon them, it could make the child hate the word ‘book’. don’t even forcefully read a book to them or make them read a book. Be a role model. If your child sees you reading a book or a magazine and enjoying it, he/she will soon follow.


Discuss characters and places in the books in free time. this way you will encourage them to read more.


Visit book fairs with your children. join a book club for kids and attend reading sessions with the kid.




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Great tips! Additional info about “don’t force any book upon them”..Kids should have their own choice, just always be there to remind and suggests, but don’t force them..



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Yes children listen more than they read. They are like a blank sheet of paper who needs to be filled with letters. More often than not, they can remember most of the things they have heard than of what they have read.

With this great tips, parents could have an edge on how to develop the reading skills of their children without imposing some rules for them to follow. They would only break it.



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One of the main points I am getting is if you try to force them to read it won’t happen without a struggle. In this family the minute I try to force anything they put those wonderful kid brakes on. I could only wish my vehicle had those brakes!

Being a reader myself my children always saw me read. They say this has an impact so I guess it worked. I know when they were babies I would read them the little squishy books that would squeak and make noises. We had two of those on hand at all times. One was for me to read and the other they would chew and drool on..LOL. Oh how I miss those days!


Thanks, Debby



Location: Setif, Algeria

Positions: Classroom Teacher Administrator, English Teacher

Thanks every one, I ask if any one can help me improve those tips and develop your ideas to make a single good ic that will be a reference to all who went to “teach a child how to read”.




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If we impose a book that doesn’t appeal to the kids, they would resist it. It would be useless battle in the long run. The kids may follow mom and dad’s recommendation but they’re doing it because it was an imposed rule. Eventually, they wouldn’t find reading pleasurable at all.

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