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How long do you read with or have children read a day?

With my boys I have always sped when it looked they have just had enough. Is there a certain amount? I have never seen studies.


Thanks, Debby



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I think most schools suggest like thirty minutes of reading a day. I think that is adequate. Thirty minutes to an hour a day. Maybe towards bed time, I know it helps you to sleep.



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30 minutes to one and a half hour will do..and samanthajr is right, before going to bed is a good idea…It is more relaxing and it help you to sleep.



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Yeah I think 30 minutes is enough to expose kids in reading books. Depends on the kid; if he/she finds the book very interesting keep on reading books for your kid/kids. If she/he throws the book that only means the kid is not keen to read it and I think parents SHOULD NEVER EVER FORCE kids to read and study.

Let them do what they want first or vice versa but make a deal out of it.

If it is play time it is playtime but if it is time for your kids to read and study explain to them why it is needed to be done.

Forcing your kids to read and study will just make you and the kid separate ways and fight and say bad things that shouldn’t be said.



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If we’re talking about reading time at home, my boys usually read before they sleep,30-45 minutes at most. It’s mostly pleasure reading. Reading somehow lulls them to sleep. 😀



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I think the time depends on the kind of material and the individual who reads it. Generally, kids wanted more than one hour if the material is really interesting and gives them a lot of thrill. Otherwise, they will just browse the book at hand and set it down in the table again in less than a minute.



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Gee, I never stumbled upon that ic when we were studying Pediatrics in college. Oh well, as a nurse, I think it is healthy to let children read at least 30 minutes to an hour. However, it is advised that parents should not impose certain ics to be read especially those that are not of interest to the child. This will just enhance the child’s hate towards reading. When a child must read a certain book (school textbooks) that is of no interest to him, it will be helpful if parents would accompany the child or give rewards after reading.



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Hello Deb;

This is a very important point to talk about; you said that you didn’t saw any studies about reading hours, I did but it was in French : they say that the average men can read 45mn and take a 15 without getting tired for 2 hours, so you do the maths 45×2=360mn=>1.5 hour of reading and stay in a good shape.

I’ll search the article and translated to you.

Thank you;



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I read to my daughter 20-30 minutes a day. There are times she likes me to read longer than 30 minutes. There are also times when she likes me to read to her for only 10 minutes. I guess, it depends on their mood.


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