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If only I had know how important reading is to children. I was an only child and the only time I remember being read to was when my grandmother read to me when I was 2 or 3. The other thing I remember i being in 2nd grade and not being able to read in class. The teacher notified my Mother, and she was very ashamed and embarrassed and I always felt different after that. I accomplished what I needed to do in the second grade but I have struggled all my life. I set new goals and try to meet them with every thing I have. When I started having children, I set out to be the perfect Mother.

I had many books

to read and at that time a lot of the books had music buttons or something else interesting to play with while reading. I did not make time to read to my children near enough. I went back to work with each of my pregnancies within 6 months, and I had many responsibilities, so my kids were in daycare most of the time. I focused on dressing, feeding, cleaning and taking care of the order of our lives and never left time to sit down and read enough. I was and still am very disciplined with keeping all things in order & clean.

I am just realizing something

my Mother told me 10 years ago, she said, “Things do not matter to the boys, where you live, how you look, what other people think, all your boys want is you, and you to be happy, because they could not care less if they lived in a shed, as long as they have your love and affection and that you as the Mother are Happy”.

All it would of took is probably 10 minutes a day to read to my children. But, I was never read to very much has a child, and I did not see it as a responsibility, I saw it as just one more thing on my list to do. My lists are always so long and do not include quiet time, relaxation time or reading time. My sons are that way also, they have taken interests in reading if it is required, but not for enjoyment.

They read went it is necessary, just like I do. I like to do research, mainly research on things going on in our live and the news, and they do also.

I want to do this forum so I can make a difference in my life as well as help others. Although I am very busy and my life is very complicated right now, I will do my best to read and write as much as possible.

Thank you for reading my statement.

Debra and my three sons


Debra L. Neri



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I also knew a lot people having the same situation like yours…And I think, just always find a time to bond with your kids no matter how busy you are, especially to read with them. Always remember that we can never bring back the lost times.

Debralneri, I’m sure you can do it!



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Hi, and welcome to the site! We as Mothers are always feeling guilty about something (in case you haven’t noticed). I work from home and still feel as though I never spend enough time with the kids. With deadlines needing to be met, a house that needs to be cleaned and the list goes on. You are being a Mom. Okay, you did not spend enough time reading with the kids but it is NOT because you just chose not to. You instead were tending to other things to keep the kids safe, healthy and well cared for.

Show me a Mom out there that is perfect and I will be the first to take the lead and follow because I sure as heck am far from the perfect Mother here. We are always learning and there is no handbook involved.

Please come to the site as often as you have time. Its nice having parents aboard that struggle with things because there is a feeling of unity. We are not alone trying to get through parenting here.


Thanks, Debby



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We surely cannot turn back time but we also are given the opportunity to make things better. The ball is still rolling! The game is not yet over! We learn from our past experiences and we try to rise from them. And parents like us sometimes have to learn things the hard way. I know you can do it. We are a community here helping each other out.


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Hi debralneri!, it’s not yet too late for you to start over and make up with the lost times. Having a quality time for your kids is the most valuable time you’ve ever had. Even for few minutes of your busy schedule will do. Surely, your boys will treasure every moment of it with you ’til they get old and start their own family.

God Bless!



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We live and we learn from our mistakes. No one is perfect. Every choice you made you thought was for the best at that time. Working hard to provide food and leisure activites for your kids, cleaning your house to teach your children responsiblity, cooking to provide. You brought your kids up to the best of your ability and that is something to be proud of.

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