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I am new to this site- but am lovin all the features and topics found here about how to get boys to read!

I’m Laura. A mother of 4 boys. My sons are typical busy, active, competitive, and energetic boys. (We are a HUGE HOCKEY Family!!!)

When my oldest son, was struggling to read as a first grader his teacher suggested that he repeat the grade. This just didn’t sit right with me. He was already one of the oldest kids in the class. I thought with some extra attention to reading we could get him caught up.

At this same time, some friends of mine started a Mother/Daughter book club; at first I felt left out- why so exclusive? But I soon realized this was a great idea for boys, too! I quickly contacted a handful of parents who had boys also struggling to read and we made a Boys Book Club. Four years later when he was in 5th grade and reading at an 8.6 reading level I knew I had found a successful way to help boys read.

Book Clubs have helped my sons connect to books, build confidence and maintain friendships. When we moved thousands of miles away- starting a book club also helped him quickly make NEW friends.

Last year I learned ANOTHER benefit to being able to read well. In class, he used to be easily distracted. He would start chattering during independent work times and he would often need his teachers to redirect him to the task at hand.

You can imagine my surprise and delight when his teacher told me she had chosen my son as her “Super Citizen of the Year”! He was her “Most Improved” student, both academically and socially. Being a confident reader has helped him become a more independent worker and an active participant in class.

He would still rather spend his time outside being “rough and tumble” with his brothers or playing computer/video games, but the exciting difference is that now he can read and he does read because he has an extra incentive–his next Book Club meeting.

I started a website: Bookclub4boys.com to share my book club outlines with other parents.

I am always on the prowl for ways to encourage and motivate my children to read. I am so happy I found this site and being able to meet each of you!

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Hi Laura,

 First of all, welcome to the site! Four boys?! Ah, I can smile at that one we have 4 boys here and add in 2 girls. :) Starting a book club for boys is a great way to motivate them to read. You are a parent that inspires me because I have seen many boys struggle and many parents like to leave it up to the teachers.

There are endless ways we can motivate our boys to read and with time they can achieve as you have proven with your boys. I am headed over to check out your site!


Thanks, Debby




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hello.. Glad to be invited to this site.

I am patiently awaiting to be published and in the meantime I am practicing my story-poems for performance purposes.

I don’t have children ..yet.. but I do like playing with them.. and reading OUT LOUD.

I’m 5 forever!

and to all the boys out there.. READ!..Girls DO like Boys with Big brains:)





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Hi everyone! I am new to this site as well and am very excited about all the buzz on here. I am the mother of two boys and two girls and reading has always been very important in our lives. All of my children are teenagers now and with me have dedicated themselves to a literacy program that we started and funded for children who live in a public housing development. The children here are dealing with tough life issues and have never taken the time to even care about anything, much less reading or school, etc. etc.

We began this program with many obstacles in our way. With us pushing on we were able to start the program as an amateur lending library and as a homework help center and anything else the kids need. We also do feelings journals (which by the way boys were slow to do at first just because it seemed “stupid” to them to write down their feelings)and the children have really embraced the entire program. The boys that I work with have even harder situations than the girls I work with. To overcome that has been some really tough work but they are my heroes. These boys just less than a year ago were out on the streets in this neighborhood fighting against one another, never inside the house before 11pm and involved in many questionable things. Now after us working with them and with the ability to knock down their own walls they had around them, they are really involved in reading and improving grades and life in general. This program is still very young but with the hard work the kids are doing I know they will carry this on long after I am gone.

One of the tactics we used besides the feelings journals to get the boys to read was we started off with word puzzles and word games, contests that gave prizes away based on what they read in a book. The prizes were not anything spectacular, they were often times a book or a recognition award etc. etc. I encourage everyone to get involved with volunteer work (especially when it comes to literacy)because when children see you giving your time and your effort (just because) they will too!






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I am so glad I found this site!  I work with families, schools and libraries to support literacy.  I am an Educational Consultant with EDC/Usborne Books and also a part-time librarian at a local tech school (in northeast GA).

I just had a mom ask me about ways to help her 9th grade son with his reading.  I am so glad I found this website I can share with her and others I meet with boys who are reluctant readers.




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Here is Jaininder from India, associated with SEO, SEM and all those stuff which le to market your websites or blogs. I have also 3 year old son who is so energetic and so clever that myself get astonished to note his activities. Now he is in playway school and after studying this website i will try myself to get involved with him at every step where he wants to get my hand.


Jaininder K Garg




Susan Quinn

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Hi! I just found this blog and it looks fantastic! I’m a mom of three boys and have spent many years making sure they had books they wanted to read always in front of them. My boys are advanced readers, so that just added to the challenge. I recently started a blogInk Spells that talks abou books for advanced readers, with a recent post focussed on finding good books for boys. You can download and print out the list, for easy reference.


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