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Location: Setif, Algeria

Positions: Classroom Teacher Administrator, English Teacher

In the last 4 years I taught 7-9th grade; the students in my class had reading levels from Pre-Primer stage to 6th grade. I had my work cut out for me.

There is one student who stands out more than most. His name was “J”. “J” was the best checker player I had ever encountered. He could barely read on that Pre-Primer level at age 14, but he could play a mean game of checkers. He absolutely hated to be beaten – especially by me. I realized I could use this to my advantage.

I made up some checkerboards that had reading skills on each square. I put things like; “Give me a word with a short a sound”, Which word has a long e sound – bet, beet, bat”, and so on. The rule was – before “J” could make a move, he had to perform the task. He had problems at first, and I would beat him every time. Eventually, “J” got to where he could perform the tasks, and was back to winning. I would let him keep those tasks he mastered on the boards for a while so he could beat me. Then I would replace those with harder skills.

I am proud to say that after two years with me, “J” was able to read on a third grade level. We played checkers like this at least twice a week. I don’t know if he ever got any better with his reading as I have lost contact with him since I moved away. I will always remember the checker king, and I hope that he has continued to be a successful reader.



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Wow, what a story. There are so many different ways to get the students to learn. What they need is a kind teacher who cares and will go the extra mile like you did Ayoubmarket. Great job and you are an inspiration. I do hope other people will learn from the examples you have enightened us with.


Thanks, Debby



Location: Setif, Algeria

Positions: Classroom Teacher Administrator, English Teacher

Thank you Debby and I hope every one who read this story learn at least one thing: Don’t give up!

(by the way call me Ayoub)




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The experiences you shared with us will a be a big help for both parents and teachers. You’re ideas and styles in teaching means that you really cared for your students and that you are very patient to helped them.

I hope many more parents and teachers can view this site.



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Hats off to you, Ayoub. Not all teachers would go out their way to be creative in teaching. Hope we have more teachers like you.



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That was really great job, Ayoub. You are an awesome teacher. I wish i could be like you in a way. so much passion with teaching the kids.

I am a newbie teacher in my school so i am still struggling and still making my way of adjusting in dealing with the kids. What i did now is making sure that the kids can approach me anytime, and i would help them in anyway i can.

Looking up with you…I know i still have to learn more, that’s the main reason why I’m here.



Location: Setif, Algeria

Positions: Classroom Teacher Administrator, English Teacher

Thanks everybody, Those words made me speechless…

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