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Location: philippines

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today we witnessed the presentation of the students with their English Class performance requirement, the jazz chant and the speech choir.

Each section must have an entry to either the two competition.

The jazz chant…the students will be provided the key words to use. then they have to make a chant or a song out of those key words. They must have a theme for their presentation, they could also act, dance, sing and make sounds only with clapping and foot rhythms.. The group can only have at least 5 minutes to 7 minutes maximum for this activity.

The speech choir….the students are provided with a piece to read as a group. they have to act and give life to the words they read together.

by clicking this link, you can watch a video sample of a speech choir.


With these activities, students may learn more the power of words and the correct way of reading it with the group. Aside from that, the students can develop unity as having fun as well.

Having witnessed their performance this morning makes us smile and proud for their effort to do well.



Location: Philippines

That will be a big help! I’ll suggest it to my sisters in law who were teachers too.



Location: philippines

Position: Classroom Teacher

yes it is really nice activity. In our school, we already had this for 3 years. This is one of the highlights that students will look forward to every year during the English month festival that’s gonna be an annual event for our school on the month of February.



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Thanks Zem, This is the best class activity I ever seen, I’ll try it with my class!!



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I showed the boys and ah what fun I had trying to cook dinner! They would run off to another room and come back with yet another ‘performance’.

Remind me to write on how I love to cook and find it relaxing (until I showed the boys this new idea) Thanks Zemlene!

Actually, they were too cute. One would make a mistake and the other would stand there and stare at him and off they would go to get the routine worked on again..LOL


Thanks, Debby

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  • Christine Chan

    Thanks for the sharing. Found a lot of videos about the chants and choral speaking online but not quite sure how the students are equipped with that ability. A better picture after reading your article. Thanks again.


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