Jon Scieszka


Thanks, again, to my mother-in-Law, Joyce, I read this brief interview with world renown expert with boys and literacy, Jon Scieska (pronounced Sheska). Jon is the founder of Guys Read and a major inspiration in my involvement with boys and literacy. Be sure to read "Our Guys Read Project" which explains the Guys Read group I was invloved in.

Highlights of Interview:

Since this is such a short interview, there are only a few pieces to mention in this post. Jon Scieska says not to argue when a boy complains that reading is boring. He says to "…find a book that will spark his or her interest." When asked about computers, TV, and and other technologies,

Scieska reminds us that a book is also considered a form of technology. His point – instead of always fighting kids with technology, they just need reminders that books can be useful too. 

Questions to Discuss:

What are your ideas and opinions about the influence of technology with boys and literacy?

What are ways that technology can have a good impact?

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