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Keep His Attention

One of the major obstacles in getting boys to read or reading to boys is keeping their attention. Younger boys have a hard time paying attention and sitting long enough to get through a children’s book. The act of sitting and listening seems to be very difficult for young boys. Young boys have a tremendous amount of energy and like to move around and play constantly. Most boys have a very short attention span. A great way to keep a young boy’s attention while reading is to make it fun.

Use teddy bears or puppets as characters in the book.

For example, if you have a Sesame Street book and your boy has an Elmo doll, imitate Elmo’s voice and use the Elmo doll while reading the story. If you don’t have real puppets, you can use socks. Give each character a funny voice and read the story to the young boy(s) like he is the audience for your puppet show. That makes story time more fun. You can even go a step further and make a little stage out of cardboard and turn on a little desk lamp to act as the stage light.

A great activity for an older boy

is to read the book once and then give them the task of creating an alternate ending. Ask the boy to write how he thinks the story should have ended. Also, ask what changes he would make to the characters in the story if he actually wrote it. This is a great activity for boys to use their creative imaginations and it’ll give them writing and reading skills as well. This early activity may even make boys interested in becoming a children’s author/writer.


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