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Kids and teens loved to watch cartoons and animés. For teens, its all clear to them that these cartoons and animés are sources of entertainment. But for kids, especially boys, it’s not just entertainment but its something that they could mimic.

It’s so sad that there are instances of little boys hurt or even die by mimicking superheroes that they had watched. Some jumped to a high areas and fell head first and some would use different objects as their weapon.

Still, guidance is the best advice.

Explaining what they are watching is somewhat hard for them to follow. They might just say they understand you but still they act like superheroes especially when you’re not looking at them. But explaining it with a twist… could be an easy way for them to understand you.

Explain it with drawing

Explain to them that cartoons and animé characters have different forms because they started out as a simple drawing and gave them color to have a realistic look. They, too, can create their character by just using pencil, paper and crayons. By creating their own character, they might think that someday their characters will be famous just like from what they see in the TV.

Explain it with toys

Buying them toys of their favorite like action figures, toy cars, etc. and explain to them how unrealistic the cartoon or animé they watched just like the toys they are playing. Tell something that’s similar to their toys and the cartoon or animé characters.

Explain it by going to events

ome cartoon and animé company held events where they have cosplays and drawing contests. Bringing your kids to these events will make them realize that their idolized character is just a person that has no real super power.

These can be so much for explanation, but could also be a good bonding moment with your kids.



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Nice article. Write more about kids in our country. It’s true.Commonly happen to our kids.

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