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My oldest son loved the Alex Ryder series and movies like Cody Banks… kid/spy type stories. I previewed this book for my sons, it looked very promising and compared to : Bourne Identity type storyline..


Charlie West, a typical teenager enjoying his senior year. He likes to instant message, while working on homework and watching re-runs of Star Trek all at the same time. He’s a black belt in Karate but gets tongue tied when around girls. An over-all “good kid”. He studies hard, trains hard, and always tries to do the right thing. So how in the world does he end up strapped in a chair, tortured with someone outside the door ordering his death? Charlie panics as he asks himself, “WHAT IS THE LAST THING I REMEMBER?”…..

I read the entire book in an afternoon… ( and that is saying something…)I think it is too intense for my 12 year old.. but would be PERFECT for a 15 year old or older… such a PAGE TURNER!

As a parent- why I love it so much?

Well- I’ll tell you why!

Charlie has a moral compass that gets him through thick and thin. Unlike the character Alex Ryder- he knows who he is, what he believes and these values and faith pull him through unlikely odds.

Just when you think- no way- he is not going to get through this scrape…. he does.. and it seems plausible!

There is even a trailor that your son can watch here–

You should check it out!

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