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Location: Setif, Algeria

Positions: Classroom Teacher Administrator, English Teacher

Let’s start with a lesson plan!

When I was with my cousins (teaching them some English basics) I realize that what make the lesson boring is not the teacher or the materials that the teacher use or the speak he made, the only thing making them (Boys) get bored is that: when they didn’t understand something in the lesson -let’s say-form example “the past perfect “and they are BOYS so they never ask the teacher (they think it is a weakness) so this make them always behind, and because I am very friendly with them: we play video games together, we practice sport together and I give them a lot of space while teaching; so this help me to get closer to those BOYS and know better why they were always behind and late(in the lesson).

After some thinking I used a new method (old but new for me), it is consist of inter-teaching so the students teach each others or let us say the Boy teach the Boy; How?

First don’t ask questions! Let the student ask his friend and than he will answer you if he is wrong you can correct him without embarrassing him and if he’s correct! He will participate the next time without asking him; because he feels strong; some psychics say that the students (especially the boys) make the teacher their first enemy (they want him to fall, they make jokes about him and…) so let them win in this war, and then they will let you teach them for the future!



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The buddy system is good way to initiate peer to peer learning. How’s the class structure in your country, by the way? Do you put all smart students in one class? Or mix them up with the low performing ones?



Location: Setif, Algeria

Positions: Classroom Teacher Administrator, English Teacher

Thanks for your reply ROSE, about the class structure in my country it changes every 3 years so you can stick with a method and change it every 3 years, for I am a teacher since 2005 (I didn’t change my method YET); You asked about the students in the class? I don’t mix them and I don’t put all smart ones together, I just LET THEM CHOOSE, because if you force the boys to do something he hate it; he will hate all the environment including class his classmates ….

Thank you again and have a nice day!!!



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Position: Classroom Teacher

Yes that works very well in our classroom here in the Philippines too. If the teacher is friendly and approachable, students will not be shy asking more clarifications about the ic discussed.

In my class, I let the students talk with their friends about the lesson through group activity wherein they are sharing ideas and help one another in order to accomplish one thing. Then when they are through, I let the group report what they have done and accomplished together. All I have to do is to roam around the groups and guide them throughout the activity.

With this group activity, they can explore more and learn more with the ics being presented to them.



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Hi! I am a registered nurse but I used to be a catechist during highschool. Coming from a Catholic school, we were obliged to choose between military training or teaching catechism to public school students. And so I chose to teach ctaechism. At first I didn’t have any teaching strategies since I don’t know of one. Reporting in class is as far as I could go back then. I wasn’t a real, trained teacher. But as weeks went by with my teaching(we teach every Fridays), I noticed that some students (I teach students in Grade 5) easily lose their attention. Since they tend to chat a lot with their friends, I grouped them into small numbers and initiated a game. I instantly noticed them having interest in the subject matter. Friendly competition I think is also a very good way of promoting the kids’ interest and attention to the class discussion.



Location: Setif, Algeria

Positions: Classroom Teacher Administrator, English Teacher

First of all, Hello & Welcome dangerouslearner;

Second: why you didn’t send me a letter about this problem? Or replied to the Article,

& I want to tell you that when I write this kind of ics I don’t have time to double check every single word the most important is the main Idea of the story (I am a teacher & a student and I work online so you can imagine!).

(Please check this reply for me!!! You seem to be the Older Sister that KNOW everything)

About your brother if you give us YOUR permission maybe we can help him?



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Hi there ayoubmarket,

How can i send you a letter?

I did replied to your article,did i not?

I’m just making a point.

I don’t know everything…no one knows everything but i do know that if your an English Teacher you should make more of an effort to get things right or you will be inadvertently teaching English incorrectly to your students…especially boys because most will follow everything what their teacher does, right or wrong..

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