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This is the second in a series of great books for boys! Eighteen-year-old Charlie West continues to elude the law and a group of terrorist as he tries to piece his life and memory back together. In book one: The Last Thing I Remember Charlie learns he’s wanted by the government for murder and his involvement with a terrorist group. The terrorist group is after him- because he knows too much. Unfortunately, Charlie doesn’t remember anything of the last year- but he knows he could never betray his country. On the run- Charlie figures the best way to gather some clues is go back to his home town to gather clues and where the nightmare began.

I love this series! It’s like Bourne Identity and the popular series of Alex Rider–except while these two examples struggle with their self-identity and what are their values/morals Charlie is sound in his faith. Faith in himself and faith in God.

This book is fast paced with LOTS of action. I highly recommend this for reluctant readers.

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