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What is Manga?

You may be asking yourself what is manga and why is this woman suggesting that I try it as a reading material for my son, grandson, student, etc? In it’s simplest definition, it’s Japanese comics. It’s animation coupled with rod bubbles to tell a story. But these comics have some benefits that may draw boys to them over classical American comics. Unlike the author of Kudos to Comics, I like manga as a woman in addition to knowing many men that are interested in them.

Okay now, why are they better?

There are several reasons why a boy may want to read manga over a traditional American comic. You may notice in the image in the article Kudos to Comics is rather realistically drawn. Manga is known for having animation that stretches away from normal realistic characters and art styles, which may appeal to the imaginative male, especially if he is artistic. These comics are also known to be a little darker in animation and story, which may allow the boy to connect with it more on an emotional level. In addition, a each manga in a serious may be a smaller chunk of reading and not appear as daunting as a comic to a reluctant reader.

Does it still have those heroes?

Yes, manga normally does have the classic superhorse and villains that your young may have had massive obsessions with when younger, as described by Holly J in here. It is also inclusive of action and adventure (common likes for boys) but some also play largely on the issue of technology (an science fiction) and male and female relationships from male views, as well as historical events.

Who should read them?

They are separated in age group, but normally older children may be more interested in the themes of manga. One of the great things about manga, is that they will grow with the boy or man; as his interests and maturity levels increase, he can continue to enjoy manga. A parent may want to screen manga prior to providing it to a younger boy due to potential sexual or violent themes.

What else?

There may be another method to get boys interested in manga other than just handing them it. Animes are cartoons based on manga (either series or movie) and many boys may get into the anime prior to the manga. Popular animes that boys may like are can be used to lead them to anime include Dragonball Z and Pokemon for the younger crowd and Akira and Neon Genesis Evangelion for older boys.

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