There’s no better way to catch your child’s attention than by handing him a glossy magazine filled with things he’s interested in. Chances are, he’ll probably start reading said magazine. He might even (GASP) enjoy it!

Magazine subscriptions are relatively cheap

(reason #1 Why Boys Like Magazines)

In fact, the cost of a one-year subscription is about the same as the cost of a paperback novel. Getting a magazine subscription will:
a) save you a lot of money (magazines sold on the shelves in stores are 3 to 4 times as expensive than subscription copies)
b) give your son something to look for in the mail.   I still get giddy whenever a magazine comes for me. Your child will love having something come that’s especially for him.

Choosing a Magazine

What magazine to choose? I suggest letting your child have a say in the matter. Take him to the magazine department in your local bookstore and see what he’s drawn to. Then, steal the subscription card from inside the magazine and get it for cheap! (This is not illegal. That I know of.) He’ll be more likely to be engaged in the material if he’s had a say.

Magazines for little guys

Your Big Backyard: simple stories, wild animals, seasonal crafts, age-appropriate games. A wonderful first magazine for boys.
Humpty Dumpty: crafts, puzzles, games, recipes.
Preschool Playroom: drawing, counting, coloring and reading activities for the preschooler.
Thomas and Friends: if he’s ga-ga over Thomas, he’ll be ga-ga over this magazine.

Magazines for boys ages 6-12

Highlights: great for Goofus’s and Gallant’s alike.
Nickelodeon: they took the television network and put in magazine form.
Sports Illustrated for Kids:  baseball, soccer, football, interviews with sports stars, etc!
Boy’s Life: articles on history, science, outdoors, and more
Boy’s Quest:  puzzles, jokes, stories, activities, puzzles, etc.
Ranger Rick: outdoor adventure.

Magazines for teenage boys

There is a lack of magazines geared toward the teenage male.  (Read Teenage Wasteland: Where are the magazines for Teenager Boys? from the Huffington Post.) While girls still love receiving Seventeen each month, teen boys are more interested in gaming magazines and sports magazines. Your best bet is to subscribe to an appropriate magazine geared toward adults. (Not Maxim!)
Ideas include:
Remember that magazine subscriptions are a great gift idea. Tell grandma and grandpa or aunt Lulu what to purchase.
What magazines do your students or children enjoy reading?


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