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This is a little story about my cousin who used to hate books why and when did this started? I don’t know , the most important that I tried to convert him to read and I finally succeed, so this is the story:

One day; a summer day, I was resting on the beach with my family, I heard my mobile’s beep so I asked my cousin to give it to me and because he is a very curios kid he looked to the email on the mobile and he tried to read it!! but he stammered on all the text and every one there start laughing on him (there were some girls, and he’s 14 so…);

his face got red and he get up from there and went to the water; after this and when we were back home he said to me :”I was really embarrassed there, and you MUST teach me English” so I restart giving him some lessons (because I tried before but he quit) after a while he learn the basics, then we moved to do some readings and the biggest problem in here is to find an English Book that speaks about some specific ics like Sport, Games and all Boys interests; so we just stick with the internet (I am personally hate to do readings digitally but…) after about one year the same “stammered boy” started to write some very good articles on Game Forums…

So what we can learn from this story?We have to learn that every thing have a beginning; Boys & Reading also have a start we just have to choose the best time to start teaching (learning) and take all opportunities to do it; every where and all the time.

Thank you;



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Hi Ayoubmarket,

 That is a powerful story. Now had you tried to force him to learn English then he wouldn’t have gotten so much out of it. By “going with the flow” he was much more willing to learn and you accomplished that with him. Bravo to the both of you. He became so good the he was able to write articles on game forums which is so cool.

Is he still writing today? I was wondering if he took up writing as a career?


Thanks, Debby



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Congratulations Ayoubmarket! for a job well done…(for succeeding in helping your cousin to improve his reading)…Make him like to read..It’s a step by step process..You have to establish first a few things..

How old is he and is reading at grade level?How mature is he?

Does he doesn’t like to read, because he is too busy with other things?

Is he not reading because he has pushed to read boring items?

What does he like in general?Sports,video games,hiking, art,music,pets?

If you find the answers to the questions, then it’s time for you to start..



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The best thing you did was to help him find reading materials that interest him most. That got him going. Once he finds his place in the reading world, he’ll be unspable. He started participating in forums, right? That only means he’s on the right track. You did a good job!



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that’s great that you have helped someone to succeed and overcome his weakest field. Good job to both of you! you as the one who guided him and to your cousin who have the will to learn.

keep up the good work! God Bless!!!



Location: Setif, Algeria

Positions: Classroom Teacher Administrator, English Teacher

Thanks Deb; My cousin still posting comments in many forums and he is Now asking me to teach him how to write “overview articles” Bravo for him not for me, because I was only the tool he had the engine to start!



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Hey there Ayoub,

Congratulations… This is a nice story. That’s true, you have to learn timing in teaching reading as well. You have to know when to teach it and how to teach it. Kids are so full of potential and it is our duty to help them realize this.


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