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My husband really hates to read..(any reading material). just a second to looked, then that’s it… (and to think that all her sisters were teachers). But he will always told me that he’d really wanted to read but after a few lines he’ll say that he’s bored on it already and he refused to read again and he will just watched a movie instead, much thrill and excitement in movies than in reading, he will say. I hope my future children will not do the same. And he promised me that he will try his best to help our kids not to be like him in relation of reading books. And when I asked him to view this site, he just uttered “I hope I had view this site when I was still a kid.”



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Hi Vanessa,

Your future kids’ reading habits greatly depends on how you’ll raise them. If you set a good role model by showing them that you and your husband enjoy reading a lot, that’ll be a good start.

And I think your husband loves reading. He just wouldn’t admit it :D. There must be a specific ic close to his heart. How about cars and gadgets?



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Yes i agree with rose, Vanessa, it depends greatly on your upbringing with the kids. If you just let them do whatever they want without proper guidance, it is more likely that they will adopt what they observed with the adults in the house do. Since your husband doesn’t like to read… then its you who can influence the children to love it.



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I wouldn’t worry about it Vanessa. You will do fine with showing the children how important reading is. I have the same issue here and I worried about the same thing.

In some of your other posts I could tell how passionate you are about children. And you like to read so they will pick right up on it.


Thanks, Debby



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I have a good solution that could help your husband: Why you didn’t tell him stories like “The Thousand Nights and a Night” it’s a compilation of many fiction and non-fiction stories; I know that your husband will love the idea especially if you fellow the same method that the story tell.

Except that I’m not worry about your future kids because they have a wonderful mother like you!




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Thanks for the advices and tips. Now I feel better and secured about that thing. Those advices will be in my heart forever!



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If your husband hates to read I guess it is up to you to nurture in your kids the love for reading. In my case, my wife doesn’t like to read that much either. But we are a team in raising up our child. We talk about me reading to our baby and her making our baby appreciate music more.

Good luck vanessa. You can raise your kids well.


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I’ll do your advice chuck. Thanks. With all your support, tips, and advices I can say that I am now ready!

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